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Environment & Sustainability Policy

Bdaily Limited - Our Sustainability Policy

The following policy outlines the aims of Bdaily Limited in regard to the company’s environmental impact and commitment to sustainability.


Placing care for the environment at the centre of our company operations. 


At Bdaily Limited we recognise our responsibility to limit the negative impact of our doing business on the local and wider environment and, further, our responsibility to use clean and green, sustainable methods of working wherever possible in order to improve the environment in which we operate. 

We recognise the negative impact of travel, equipment, processes, and other operations that occur in the course of our running of a business and commit to limiting them wherever possible. 

We measure and report on our performance against targets in an effort to continually improve our performance. 

Important issues

We seek to reduce our carbon footprint and the carbon footprint of our partners and customers by reducing waste, cutting unnecessary travel, and sourcing sustainable products and packaging at every possible opportunity.


We acknowledge that we have limited influence over the processes that might underpin the activities of our own suppliers even if outputs are sustainable, but we commit to educate the wherever possible. 


We commit to:

Completing a regular sustainability self-assessment, and updating and sharing progress with the team to track improvements.

Reducing team travel between home, warehouse & office sites by car, by use of public transport and or virtual means wherever possible.

Ensuring our supply chain has a responsible ethical and social responsibility for the provenance of our productsand services.

Charitable disposal of any relevant physical items to local initiatives, charities and existing partners wherever possible to ensure re-use, rather than wastage.


We will report our performance in respect of progress against our sustainability targets internally and update this information for tracking purposes.

The Senior Management Team will conduct a full review at their annual board meeting with current performance features and new goals to be shared with the team on the same basis.

Wherever possible, we will look to incorporate new and useful means of report dissemination with suppliers and partners to encourage further awareness of our own commitment and our expectations of similar commitment from them to progress on issues of sustainability.