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Email Bulletin Advertising

Email Bulletin adverts are Bdaily News' best-performing display advertising options. They are seen by our engaged subscribers every morning alongside original business news content.

Promote your brand and product/service by reaching the inbox of key decision makers in your chosen region(s) every working day for the duration of your ad campaign.

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  • Build brand recognition amongst your regional business community
  • Generate interest in your business' services
  • Generate registrations for your event
  • Increase traffic to your chosen website
  • Drive up sales enquiries quickly and easily
  • Promote new products and services
  • Target nationally or regionally

    Bulletin ads are placed in periods of 1 week on the regional bulletin of your choice, with discounts available for longer periods.  

     Banner Placement Dimensions
    1 Centre, full-width, below lead article 1100 × 550px
    2 Centre, full-width, mid-Bulletin 1100 × 550px
    3 Centre, full-width, above Events 1100 × 550px

    1. Your Account Manager will discuss your options and scheduling with you.
    2. We'll gather the creative from you for the advert (we have a design service, if you require it).
    3. We begin the campaign and report regularly on its performance, including open and click rates.
    4. You'll receive a full report upon completion of your campaign including click rates and impressions for all selected ad placements.