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Email Bulletin Advertising

Email Bulletin adverts are Bdaily News' best-performing display advertising options. They are seen by our engaged subscribers every morning alongside original business news content.

Promote your brand and product/service by reaching the inbox of key decision makers in your chosen region(s) every working day for the duration of your ad campaign.

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  • Build brand recognition amongst your regional business community
  • Generate interest in your business' services
  • Generate registrations for your event
  • Increase traffic to your chosen website
  • Drive up sales enquiries quickly and easily
  • Promote new products and services
  • Target nationally or regionally

    Bulletin ads are placed in periods of 1 week on the regional bulletin of your choice, with discounts available for longer periods.  

     Banner Placement Dimensions
    1 Centre, full-width, below lead article 1100 × 550px
    2 Centre, full-width, mid-Bulletin 1100 × 550px
    3 Centre, full-width, above Events 1100 × 550px

    1. Your Account Manager will discuss your options and scheduling with you.
    2. We'll gather the creative from you for the advert (we have a design service, if you require it).
    3. We begin the campaign and report regularly on its performance, including open and click rates.
    4. You'll receive a full report upon completion of your campaign including click rates and impressions for all selected ad placements. 

    Why work with Bdaily? 

    Bdaily offers unique access to an engaged audience of regional business influencers & decision makers in the SME marketplace.

    We have a huge reach across the UK business community via our news platform, email subscriber-base and social following. 

    Our marketing and promotional services are used by hundreds of UK companies who continue to work with us because we deliver results.