Thought Leader Campaign

If you have goals that go beyond simply driving traffic to your website, we have a package that will position your business or organisation as trailblazers. 

Boost your enquiries and sales by establishing credibility regionally or nationally. With the perfect mix of content marketing, sponsorship for reinforced brand awareness and the centrepiece event (webinar or roundtable event), showcase your influence in your chosen area amongst the regional players. 

Benefit from Bdaily's reach and extensive network to forge relationships with influencers. 

Thought Leader Campaigns typically run for a period of 6 - 12 months.

Bdaily News Bulletin Sponsorship - our premium option for building brand awareness with exclusive positioning in the popular Bdaily News daily email for your chosen region.

Bdaily News Bulletin Advert - reinforce your offering to your regional business community each day as they receive and browse relevant business content in their email inbox. 

Bdaily News Featured Articles - be the news; inform on objectives and opportunities. Sponsored content will be shared online, by email and socially across Bdaily News channels. 

Webinar Sponsorship - a dedicated webinar run by Bdaily News in partnership with your brand designed to debate, discuss and educate on your chosen industry topic. Establish unrivalled credibility. 


Roundtable Event - arranged, hosted and facilitated by Bdaily; an opportunity to convene regional business influencers from your industry to debate and inform on a topic of your choice with defined and published outcomes.

  • Quickly establish a reputation as a leading provider of a product/service
  • Boost credibility, enquiries and, ultimately, sales
  • Improve online discoverability with display presence and evergreen content marketing
  • Be seen as a major player regionally and in your industry
  • Meet objectives around engagement, research and activity
  • Satisfy stakeholders whilst building relationships with other influencers
  • Promote your brand via email and online 
  • Make use of Bdaily's extensive network to engage high profile businesses and organisations
  • Have activity and outcomes documented and published by Bdaily 
  1. We'll work with you to construct the campaign to fit with your timescales and objectives.
  2. We'll implement the campaign and you'll start getting exposure.
  3. We'll fully manage your campaign and update on progress throughout, advising on any necessary changes to achieve maximum possible impact.
  4. You'll be provided with a full report upon completion of the campaign including activity, clicks and impressions. 

Why work with Bdaily? 

Bdaily offers unique access to an engaged audience of regional business influencers & decision makers in the SME marketplace.

We have a huge reach across the UK business community via our news platform, email subscriber-base and social following. 

Our marketing and promotional services are used by hundreds of UK companies who continue to work with us because we deliver results.