Talent Attraction Campaign

If you're looking to attract talented individuals to your business or organisation, we have a package designed to meet your objectives quickly and easily. 

With its mixture of featured content to help you inform and educate on your business culture and brand promotion to ensure you stand out from the crowd, our Talent Attraction Campaign is a ready-made solution. Get exposure in the news, online and directly in the inbox of your regional business community. 

Campaigns are flexible and can be adapted to meet your timescales, budget and objectives.

Bdaily News Featured Articles - sponsored content to inform on your products/services and expertise, shared online, by email and socially across Bdaily News channels. 

Bdaily News Bulletin Advert - reinforce your offering to your regional business community each day as they receive and browse relevant business content in their email inbox.

Bdaily News Appointments Feature Sponsorship - sponsor one of our most popular regular features for your chosen region(s) - be seen alongside our coverage of the major job role changes in your business community. 

  • Inform on your business in order to attract talented individuals
  • Reach an engaged community of business people
  • Target regionally or nationally 
  • Get coverage in the news, online and directly in the inbox
  • Promote your brand and product/service to other businesses in the process
  • Enjoy the long-term benefits of content marketing
  1. We'll work with you to construct the campaign to fit with your timescales and objectives.
  2. We'll implement the campaign and you'll start getting exposure.
  3. We'll fully manage your campaign and update on progress throughout, advising on any necessary changes to achieve maximum possible impact.
  4. You'll be provided with a full report upon completion of the campaign including activity, clicks and impressions. 

Why work with Bdaily? 

Bdaily offers unique access to an engaged audience of regional business influencers & decision makers in the SME marketplace.

We have a huge reach across the UK business community via our news platform, email subscriber-base and social following. 

Our marketing and promotional services are used by hundreds of UK companies who continue to work with us because we deliver results.