Rebrand Campaign

Get maximum exposure following a rebrand with this collection of options designed specifically to showcase your new identity. 

We've worked with many clients to help them shout about the great changes they've made to their brand. This campaign will help ensure you take this opportunity to raise awareness of your activity and what you can do for clients. 

We'll work with you to structure your campaign in such a way that guarantees you meet your goals. 

Campaigns are flexible and can be tailored to meet your budget, timescales and objectives.

Bdaily News Featured Articles - shared online, by email and socially across Bdaily News channels. Sponsored content can be invaluable in informing on your products/services and expertise. 

Bdaily News Email Bulletin Advert - reinforce your new offering to our regional business community each day in their email inbox.

Bdaily News Website Advert - attract key regional business influencers as they read business-relevant content on the Bdaily News website.

Campaigns are flexible and can be adjusted to fit your budget, timescale and objectives. 

  • Boost brand awareness quickly with ad placements and content marketing 
  • Gain exposure across marketing channels including news, web, email and social media in one package
  • Communicate your offering as well as your brand change through featured content
  • Reach the right people and businesses with regional targeting available
  • Leverage investment in your brand by ensuring maximum exposure
  • Leave a lasting impression with an engaged regional business community
  1. We'll design this tailored campaign around your objectives and timescales.
  2. We'll schedule in your activity and your campaign will begin.
  3. You will be advised as to campaign progress in line with your objectives.
  4. We'll fully report on activity at the end of the campaign, including on reach, impressions and CTR where applicable.