Product Launch Campaign

We have a campaign set up specifically for the launch of new products, services and offerings. 

We're specialists in targeting businesses and business people, including key decision makers. Whether your new product or service is B2B or B2C, we'll help you quickly raise awareness of it with potential new customers. 

Target regionally or nationally and get exposure across web, email and social channels with this dedicated package. 

Product Launch Campaigns typically run for 1-3 months, with discounted rates available for longer periods. They can be tailored to meet your budget and objectives. 

E-shot - a dedicated email message to our full regional/national database to raise awareness of your new product or service. Reach potential new customers instantly. 

Bdaily News Email Bulletin Advert - reinforce your new offering to our regional business community each day in their email inbox.

Featured Articles - shared online, by email and socially across Bdaily News channels.  Sponsored content can be invaluable in informing on your products/services and expertise. 

  • Raise awareness of your new product or service quickly
  • Target the right audience of business people, by region or nationally
  • Get multi-channel exposure, including web, online and social media
  • Directly reach the inbox of key decision makers with your E-shot package
  • Benefit from wider brand awareness as a result of an intensive campaign
  1. We will work with you to gather information on your new product or service.
  2. We will schedule your campaign across various channels, advising on creative and message to guarantee maximum exposure.
  3. Your campaign will begin and your new offering will be publicised amongst our regional business community.
  4. We will fully report on outcomes of your campaign including reach, impressions and CTR.

Why work with Bdaily? 

Bdaily offers unique access to an engaged audience of regional business influencers & decision makers in the SME marketplace.

We have a huge reach across the UK business community via our news platform, email subscriber-base and social following. 

Our marketing and promotional services are used by hundreds of UK companies who continue to work with us because we deliver results.