Website ad placement representation

Bdaily News Homepage Takeover

Target our most frequent visitors and a UK national market by advertising on the Bdaily News homepage, events page, advice and opinion pages, and all of our sector home pages in one package.

With a presence on the homepage, all sector pages and all events pages, this is a fantastic way to get presence right across key areas of our popular news service and be seen alongside quality business content. 

Pricing relates to 1 month.

Get extensive and valuable presence with the Homepage Takeover, including:

  • Bdaily News homepage
  • All 9 sector homepages
  • Events home page
  • All events pages
  • Advice and opinion home pages
Ad Placement Dimensions

Leaderboard banners

Two slots: (1) Top of page (2) Mid-content 728×210px
Square sidebar adverts Two slots:  (1) Top of page (2) Mid-content 300×250px
  • Get exclusive positioning on key pages
  • Build brand recognition in your target region(s) 
  • Generate sales opportunities with SMEs
  • Stimulate interest in services
  • Generate sign up & registrations
  • Increase traffic to your chosen destination
  • Drive new sales enquiries
  • Ideal for product launches
  • Communicate key messages
  1. We liaise with you to define timescales for your campaign.
  2. You provide creative work with our guidance, or we can arrange this for you (at additional cost).
  3. We upload the creative and begin the campaign.
  4. Your account manager will report regularly on campaign progress and results.