Trust Building Campaign

We all know that people like to buy from businesses they know and trust, which makes approaching new customers cold more difficult. 

This campaign can help your business or organisation to quickly establish a reputation as credible suppliers in your industry with the ultimate goal of increasing sales. Get the dual benefit of establishing that reputation at the same time as reaching these new potential customers. 

Target businesses in your region or nationally to become recognised where you need to convert potential customers into buyers. 

Trust Building Campaigns typically run for 3 - 6 months. They can be tailored to meet your budget and timescales. 

Bdaily News Bulletin Sponsorship - our premium option for building brand awareness with exclusive positioning in the popular Bdaily News daily email for your chosen region. Be seen alongside us as a partner in our most popular daily offering.

Bdaily News Featured Articles - sponsored content to inform on your products/services and expertise, shared online, by email and socially across Bdaily News channels. Educating on what you do, how, and why it's important is a fantastic way to generate new enquiries. 

Webinar Sponsorship - a dedicated webinar run by Bdaily News in partnership with your brand designed to debate, discuss and educate on your chosen industry topic. Being seen as a though leader can have a powerful impact upon perception of your brand and its credibility.


Roundtable Event - arranged, hosted and facilitated by Bdaily; an opportunity to convene regional business influencers from your industry to debate and inform on a topic of your choice with defined and published outcomes. Position your company as the one that's innovating the space. 

  • Raise awareness of your offering to boost enquiries and sales
  • Reach potential customers either regionally or nationally
  • Get exposure in the news and all of the benefits of content marketing
  • Gain an exclusive presence in the inbox of your regional business community
  • Be seen as a influencer to quickly establish credibility
  • Boost your online discoverability with evergreen content marketing
  • Promote your offering with a clear call-to-action
  1. We'll construct a campaign plan in line with your objectives, budget and timescales.
  2. Your campaign will begin and you will start gaining exposure.
  3. You'll be provided with updates as to the progress of the campaign throughout, with any necessary adjustments made along the way to guarantee maximum return.
  4. You'll be provided with a full report upon completion of the campaign including click rates and impressions.