Bdaily News Article Sponsorship Representation

Content Sponsorship

One of our premium packages will see your brand logo appear alongside each and every article on the Bdaily News website. 

Positioned directly next to our popular news content for your chosen region(s), this is a fantastic opportunity to reach a huge volume of business-interested visitors to our news platform every minute of every day. 

Designed for maximum exposure, your logo will stick to the header of our article on desktop view, meaning it will remain visible as readers scroll to read their article. 

Please visit our Audience Stats page for our latest visitor figures.  

Your logo will appear below the byline author title on all Bdaily articles for your chosen regions.

Article pages receive the most traffic as our audience of business people click to read our news content each day.

Your logo will not only appear in prime position, but also stick to remain in view as desktop and tablet users scroll the page, ensuring maximum possible impact. 

  • Improve brand awareness amongst a local/national business community
  • Quickly establish credibility with consistent presence alongside popular business news content
  • Drive qualified traffic to your website
  • Reach an engaged business audience
  • Generate interest in your business' services
  1. Your Account Manager will discuss your options and scheduling with you.
  2. We'll gather the creative from you for the advert (we have a design service, if you require it).
  3. We begin the campaign and report regularly on its performance, including open and click rates.
  4. You'll receive a full report upon completion of your campaign including click rates and impressions for all selected ad placements.