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Welcome to Bdaily 2022!

Welcome to Bdaily 2022!

Happy new year!

2022 is here

To kick off your new year right across Bdaily, we thought we would give you a little peek into what we have instore for you this year, including brand new projects, product refreshes and exciting content to come across both Bdaily News and Bdaily Marketing.


Bdaily Premium 

One of Bdaily's biggest adventures in 2022 is the launch of our new subscriber only website - Bdaily Premium! Made with business leaders, influencers and educators in mind, Bdaily Premium will bring our subscribers a whole bunch of exclusive content, aiming to provide a range of business focused offerings. This includes business resources, in depth podcast episodes, long form exploratory content, news and stories from across our community and a whole lot more. Perfect for anyone looking to connect and interact with an engaged community, Bdaily are excited to share this journey with you as we tackle a new online space together. With the launch date not far away, its safe to say the entire team is eager and raring to go. We hope you are too, we are looking forward to seeing you there!


Bdaily Marketing

New year means brand new challenges, and as part of this, we have taken the opportunity to update and refresh a number of our most popular Bdaily Marketing products. This includes updates on pricing, a change to product add-ons, and a fresh look for a number of our marketing products. Want to see our latest updated media pack? Click here to see what we can offer you this month. And don't worry, any purchases made before the new year will be honoured, so you previous purchase won't be changed or updated from your original.


Bdaily News

Off the back of our successful 2021 Focus Weeks, Bdaily News has big plans for 2022! Expect to see a number more Focus Weeks across the year, that aim to provide insight into a number of business sectors, including Venture Capital Week, Business in Creativity Week and Medical Business Week (plus many more!). But of course, our main focus is being bigger and better than ever across all of our regional and national business news


With that said, we are looking forward to bringing you lots of content, offers and information across 2022! Keep up to date with what Bdaily are doing by following us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, or subscribing to our Email Subscriber List, to receive our latest content directly to your email inbox.

Until then, have a happy new year, and we will see you here very soon!

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