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Top 10 ingredients to the perfect headline image

Top 10 ingredients to the perfect headline image

Featured Articles are a fantastic opportunity to introduce your brand to Bdaily's audience. Whether your business is in the North East, Yorkshire, London or across the UK, we are here to share your news.

They're a great way to show off your personality, increase SEO and target key marketing areas - and all you have to do is provide us with the content!

Content Marketing might be your main focus, but you also have to consider the importance of the images you use. After all, most readers make snap decisions based on headline images. So making sure your image is saying the right things about your brand whilst also remaining eye-catching is vital to pulling in readers.

With this in mind, here are our ultimate top tips to help make the most your of first impressions on


1. Make sure your image is 1860x870px (or near enough!)

We would love to live in a world where our content is where our audience gets their first impression of us. But the truth is, a headline image can be the difference between choosing to read an article or not. So, to make your image stand out, use the perfect dimensions to compliment the website layout.

Before sending our marketing team an image, check it's as close to 1860x870px as possible. By doing so, you can make sure none of your image gets cut off or thrown out of proportion (and ensures we use the first image you send us!). This way, you can make sure your image has the impact you want.


2. Keep any copy/text in the top two-thirds of the image

Website design can often throw a spanner in the works of how we want our article to look. Often important text gets cut off the bottom of your image due to the layout of the Bdaily website. That's why we suggest keeping your text or copy in the top two-thirds of the image. That way, your details won't get lost on the website.


3. Too much clutter = too much confusion

Like most businesses, we know you want to take any opportunity you get to promote all areas of your business. Whether showing off awards or displaying who you have worked with. But when it comes to creating a headline image, simple can often be the best. Images cluttered with photos and text can be off-putting for a reader to look at. The fewer readers want to click on your article, the less they will be clicking on your landing pages. So keeping your image simple, neat and effective will make your business appear more professional. Once you have your reader, you can shout about the work you have been doing!


4. High quality makes all the difference

When you are busy marketing your business, images can be a last-minute thought. As a result, we have seen poor quality images landing in our inboxes daily. A good quality image can help pull in readers and future clients, so make sure to get the best photos possible. Our image size guide is a good place to start when trying to avoid pixelated or blurry images.


5. Avoid big, square headshots

We get it you want your expert content to have an expert leading it. When writing an article about a team member, it's easy to use professional headshots. But remember to keep these within the Bdaily image style guide! We often see extreme close-ups of faces, shoulders and tops of heads that are not edited for our website. As beautiful as you all are, we are sure you would like your headshot to represent who you are (not your forehead).

Want to see how this is achieved? Take a look at some of our recent appointments articles.


6. Don't just use your logo!

Logos are a quick, effective way to make your brand recognisable. But in an article, creating relevant imagery is more important. When introducing your business to a new audience, you should be wary that they may not know your logo. Therefore choosing content-relevant image choices can help introduce you to a new audience.

Don't forget, you can always use your logo alongside other images - this way you can make the best of both.


7. Colour theory - make sure yours represent you!

Colour theory and semiotics are part of more complex advertising theory. Understanding colour theory is complicated, but considering the basics can help your article. Linking your images to your brand with colour makes your marketing uniform, which is key when boosting overall website traffic.

Don't forget, there is plenty of space within the article to include further images! Feel free to send extra images to us should you want them in your article.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you create the best possible headline image! And don't forget, creativity is the key!

Happy publishing!


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