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Boost your Next Digital Marketing Campaign with Visual Marketing

Boost your Next Digital Marketing Campaign with Visual Marketing

Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to digital marketing can be really hard, especially if you have fierce competition also racing to secure a client.

For many of you, it will be hard to find new ways of making sure your voice is heard. Digital marketing is an ever growing world, so getting in front of your audience can be a challenge, so today we are going to explore the world of visual media, and why it can be a great addition to your digital marketing campaign

Visual media is a great way for audiences to instantly get an idea of what your business is all about. Through relevant images, and catchy slogans, you can create a brand that extends outside of your immediate website and across many areas online. Still unsure? Here are a couple of reason why visual media can play a big role in your digital marketing strategy. 

Allows you to show of instantly what your business is all about

Unlike content marketing, visuals are completely individual, allowing you to use colour, images, even fonts that best represent who you are, and give you audience an idea of what you are all about. Eye-catching images will stick with you audience, especially if there are unique to you - don't be afraid to add some personality into your art!

Here at Bdaily for example, we always encourage our business' to be creative with their visuals, whilst also offering expert advice to help you reach your true potential 

They're easy to make

Display advertising has never been so easy to make for the average business looking to expand their digital marketing strategy. Today, there are plenty of great websites you can use to create aesthetically pleasing images without having to be a photoshop expert, or download large amounts of software.

Here at Bdaily our favourites include: 

Lots of advertising options 

There are a number of ways that visual and display marketing can be used online. 

Social imaging 

Did you know that most social media sites push posts with attached visual media more than those with plain text? Having images and graphics alongside you posts not only help instantly appeal to an audience as they scroll quickly through their timelines, but it also helps your posts to be seen more frequently due to algorithms prioritising visual content. 

A image of Bdaily's LinkedIn page showing video being pushed to the top of the page as a priority

We always encourage our Bdaily clients to provide special social imaging when they choose to share content online with us, in order to boost their content and help it stand out from others

In-content advertising 

Placing visuals amongst written text is a sure way to make it pop! There are many ways to place your adverts amongst already active content online, including Google Ads. 

Black text on white background. There is a Invest North east advert in the middle with pink text, a green call to action and a picture of teh newcastle quayside at sunrise

As an example, here on Bdaily we offer in-content display advertising on our news output, including Topical Advertising, Sitewide Advertising and Email Bulletin Advertising - perfect if you are looking for a specific target audience to see your branding.

See our full range of advertising options by download our 2022 Media Pack


Despite often being at the pricer end of visual advertising, sponsorships are probably the easiest way to get your branding seen by a wide audience. Sponsorships help promote your brand alongside pre written content across a website, by placing your logo in tandem with what is already there.

There is an image of two people shaking hands, undernether a headline that reads 'North East businesses granted £30m Omicron support package by Government. At the top there are two logos. One is Bdaily (pink pentagon speech bubble with Bdaily News in text to the right) The other is Cherish Homes (with Cherish Homes in black font as the logo)

This simple act can have a big impact on your brand too, as becoming a sponsor places your business in a position of authority, and helps represent you as a leader in your area. Especially when being placed alongside a respected brand, this can be key to showcasing who you are. Sponsoring Bdaily's appointments article for example, puts a business alongside out recruitment output, showing them as leaders in this areas immediately!

In conclusion, its is easy and effective to get visual media interlinked with your digital marketing strategy. Growing your brand's identity whilst also making sure your marketing is really appealing to the eye can be a great add on to your campaign, as well as being easy to add on to your current projects.

If you are looking to start using display advertisements as part of your next digital marketing strategy, Bdaily can help! Drop us an email at or download our FREE 2022 Media Pack here



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