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Read all about it! - 5 reasons why you should get your business in the news

Read all about it! - 5 reasons why you should get your business in the news

You’ve heard the saying - “All news is good news”.

Now although here at Bdaily we don’t condone any bad behaviour just to make the headlines, we do believe in the importance of making sure your business’ stories, successes and growth are regularly hitting the press. When it comes to developing your brand image, word of mouth in your community can be a great place to build a solid reputation for life.

In the digital age, it has never been so important to have online content relating to your business out there. After a number of years of riding the digital marketing wave, it is safe to say we have seen it all, and have perfected our products so that they can help your business make the most out of being in the news.

Our Featured Articles are designed to help your business reach brand new audiences across the Yorkshire community, simply yet effectively. With the inclusion of up to 5 sponsored links, infographics and images, readers of Bdaily can easily access your business's online assets via our website, and our daily News Email Bulletin.

Still unsure about why your business should be making the news? Here are 5 reasons why sharing your news with Bdaily can help boost awareness.

1. It will boost business enquires.

When someone is looking for a specific company in your area, they want to be able to find quick and accessible links to websites that have been promoted by a trusted source. Sharing your content online helps future customers find your business first - which when placed alongside great news about your business, is the perfect way to bring in brand new business enquires.

2. You can easily enhance long-term awareness of your business’ products and services and news

Once something is online, it's there forever. Although this is a daunting thing to hear, this can be a big positive for your business. Sharing your news with Bdaily lets you take control of your narrative well into the future, securing your place in front of clients and in your community, by archiving your stories on our website forever

3. You will be seen as the go-to company in your industry

People are always looking for experts in the industry. That's why celebrating your business’ services and growth online can help bring in brand new customers. If you have had a big achievement recently, make sure you bring it to us and let Bdaily help spread the word; you never know who is watching.

4. All your online exposure can be done in one hit

It can be tricky to navigate the online marketing world, especially if you are new to it. But by putting your news online, it becomes very easy to share it across social media, blogs and websites. Still confused? Bdaily can help support all your sharing online

5. You can reach a regional Yorkshire audience directly

For many SME’s, building a reputation locally is really important. Posting your stories online can be a great way to tap into your business market, and reach your community. For example, here at Bdaily, our regional-focused news bulletins, Twitter accounts and web pages allow you to instantly connect with your local community, and be seen as leaders of your industry

Ready to start sharing your business’ news? Contact Bdaily’s marketing team via and we will help you start boosting your brand name online

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