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Our Values - Authenticity

Our Values - Authenticity

Here on Blogdaily, we want to provide you with the chance to get to know more about who we are and how we work as a company. 

We want you to get to know our core values and how we have used them to connect with our clients and each other.

One of our main values is remaining authentic to who we are both as a team and as individuals. This means we always bring our true selves to work each morning, and we use this to build an honest and professional relationships with our clients and colleagues.

Being authentic to us means staying true to who we are. Sometimes this can be as simple as not having a strict dress code so we can express who we are! But this also means creating a space where we can speak up when a part of our job role or project isn’t working in a way that encourages change and further discussion when it is needed. This is important when working with a wide range of businesses across the UK, as everyone has a unique brand goal to achieve. 

By remaining authentic to Bdaily, we can be clear on how our business works and what we stand for, letting you know exactly what to expect when working with us or reading our news. As individuals, this also means we regularly provide feedback across our work to each other. This created a trusted and honest working environment for our team and yours.

We see this as part of Bdaily’s core ethics, as every business and individual we work with deserves our trust and respect. By remaining authentic in our work, we can build long-lasting relationships that offer mutual respect and benefits without hiding any part of who we are as a team. It also means you will always get to see a real version of the Bdaily team anytime you work with us. 

To remain authentic to ourselves and our team, we make space for a variety of things including:

  • Asking for and receiving feedback from everyone on the team when needed
  • Taking on projects that we know will benefit us as team members and as a whole
  • Speaking up when we are challenged and asking for support when needed
  • Highlighting areas we want to improve on and seeking ways to do this 
  • Always being upfront with those we work with 
  • Having a good sense of who we are as a business and how this will affect any work we take on 

Authenticity is a big part of our mission to offer the environment to connect businesses across the UK through news, publishing and discussion. It also means we are constantly striving to grow as a team and alongside you!

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