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Marketing your next job vacancy - A simplified guide

Marketing your next job vacancy - A simplified guide

Finding the right employee to fill your vacancy can be tough, right?

From scouring LinkedIn profiles and CVs to running interviews - it can be a challenge to stay at the top of your game. Marketing your job opening can feel overwhelming, especially when filling your role relies on who you attract. After all, how can you find the perfect fit without them even knowing you are hiring.

As a B2B digital marketing team, Bdaily often works with businesses looking to promote their latest vacancies to our audience. Whether this is through email, advertising or writing for us, we have worked with a range of sectors and regions, all with one goal - to find that future talent. So we have compiled 6 top tips to help you reach your future employee online.

1. Utilise digital business platforms

When promoting your business online, using platforms with a captive and accessible audience can be the best place to start. Think about where your dream employees are likely to be gathering; is there a specific niche they would be into or a website where they could be present? By placing your job ads where your audience is, you are more likely to find the employee you are after.

Bdaily, for example, offers a number of opportunities to promote your job application in front of a captive B2B audience, with clients that range across colleges, sectors and industries. Slots for advertising include in our daily regional newsletter and alongside our weekly appointments articles. Find out more here. 

Social media can also be a great place to start. Today, many employers share their vacancies across sites such as Twitter with the hope of reaching a wider audience through reshares of their posts. There are also many platforms dedicated to helping improve job searching, such as LinkedIn, where you can promote your job directly to those actively searching for a new role.

2. Consider where your business already has an audience. 

Speaking of social media, considering where your business already has an active following online can also be a great way to attract talent. This can include your current social media profiles, where people are already eager to be involved with your brand. Tagging your business in any job posting can be a great way to encourage your followers to view it. 

If your business already has a blog or newsletter, this can also be a great way to target a specific audience already interested in your company. Email is a great way to target inboxes specifically, and email marketing can be a great way to bring your business personality out - Read our blog post on Email Marketing.

3. Partner with other businesses 

Partnerships can help you reach new audiences with the backing and reputation of another business to help boost your image. Think about who you want to associate with - are you looking to attract new talent (by working with colleges and universities) or target a specific audience (by working with leaders in that industry)? Once you are set on what you are looking for, start reaching out to other businesses. Companies running events and offers are a good place to start.

However, when working in a partnership, you must consider what you will offer the other business in return, whether it's payment, advertising space or marketing elsewhere. Make sure you make it a fair offer for both parties, as this will help build your reputation and upkeep any long term relationships formed.

Read our latest blog post about Partnership Marketing here.

4. Associate with events, workshops and networking events where your employees might be 

Being a part of your local business community, whether online or in-person, can help you get your job out there and build your name and personality in front of fellow industry professionals. This could be at local job fairs and conferences or networking events for professionals. Here you can connect through discussions with individuals and offer insight you may otherwise not be able to online. Being available to answer questions and take details can be really beneficial to your business image and your hiring journey.

Check out what is going on locally and nationally, and see if you can get involved. Read Bdaily’s event listings here. 

5. Make sure your advert is accessible 

In order to be open to all future prospects, you need to make sure your advert is accessible to anyone who reads it. This can include making sure you use language that is easy to read (not lots of jargon!) and including alt text that is easy to understand by any screen reader. 

Being clear and concise prevents you from overloading any reader with information that might be off-putting. Representing your company as an inclusive workspace helps attract talent who may otherwise not feel they could apply and shows the wider industry your commitment to being an accessible business. And don't forget to at easy to see the contact information to make it easy to take it to the next stage.

6. Use images/infographics to help you stand out. 

As you scroll through any online space, it's always the images that stand out to you over the text posts. Having a good image or infographic attached to your job vacancy makes it easier to spot amongst the sheer amount of content we see every day. This is also a great opportunity to create a solid brand image that sums your company up perfectly to any first-time viewers. Think about how you would use colours, fonts and texts to capture the imagination of the type of future employee you are looking for.

Bdaily recently did a blog post outlining the best ways to improve your image game online. Read it here.

Find out more about how Bdaily can help you promote your latest job vacancy to your next eager cohort by downloading our Media Pack or clicking here

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