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Innovation Day 2022

Innovation Day 2022

Today (16th February 2022) Bdaily are celebrating Innovation Day, by talking about the importance of innovation in the world of business and uplifting those companies who are constantly bringing new and exciting innovations to the table.

What is Innovation Day 

Innovation day is all about celebrating the development of new ideas, products, processes and services which aim to tackle challenges faced by businesses, individuals and communities. This is everything from small business' making an impact in their local community, to the positive changes that scaling up business' can have in building regional economies. 

Why are we celebrating it?

At our core, Bdaily values connection, authenticity and the pursuit of growth, all of which are key elements of innovative business societies. Lots of what we do involves working with SME's who are making a big impact in the local area, providing them with support when it comes to reaching the audience that will help their company growth. So by celebrating the importance of innovation, especially in our home region of the North East, is our way of holding up the many great business' who we connect with daily.

How can I support innovation in my local area?

Here at Bdaily we are always open to hearing more stories of how innovation is bringing new business ideas and business growth across London, Yorkshire, and the North East (as well as across the UK!). Got a great story of innovation you would like to share? Email our editorial team at and let them know what you have to say!

Bdaily are also constantly on the look out for new business' we can work with in order to help with the continued development of regional business. Looking to get your business' latest innovation off the ground? Our marketing team can help you with an expert digital marketing campaign, that gets your company in front of our regional and national audiences. Download our Media Pack today, or email our marketing team at to find out more about our products.

And of course, keep an eye out for Bdaily's coverage across innovation day and beyond. We always love hearing from you, especially when we are supporting innovations in business, and we are sure that many of the companies we work with would love to hear from you too!

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