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How Bdaily uses it values to create its brand

How Bdaily uses it values to create its brand

Marketing your business requires you to have a strong brand.

Knowing what your business stands for gives structure to your marketing content by letting your future clients decide whether they want to work with you. Especially in B2B marketing, other businesses also have a brand image to upkeep, so spotting the compatibility between you helps maintain your identity in front of new audiences.

Every aspect of Bdaily - from team conversations to business calls - is led by our set of brand ideas, which helps form our identity. This way, we can connect with the right audiences and businesses, and you can be sure that our bite is just as powerful as our bark!

Four key areas are at play in all aspects of Bdaily. These statements guide us through decisions, conversations and collaborations.

Be Authentic

Bdaily is authentic in everything we do. When working with a member of the Bdaily team, you can expect to see our true personalities. Professionalism, Transparency and Honesty are all vital to our work. By bringing this into our work space, we can connect, building trust and respect amongst the Bdaily team.

Own your role

Like with any SME, we are a small, dedicated team. As a result, we take ownership of the part we play within the team and are dedicated, flexible and open to change. As a client, you can expect to work collaboratively with any number of us to make our time together as smooth sailing as possible.

Pursue Growth

As a trusted business news publisher, growth plays a part in everyday life at Bdaily. Whether that’s celebrating newsworthy industry growth or helping you expand your business reach with us, we are committed to developing ourselves and the business. We are passionate about feeding our curiosity and strive to continue to explore how we can make what we do even better.

Value Connection

After many distance years, human connection has never been more important. Valuing and nurturing relationships with businesses and each other remains a part of what Bdaily do, and we are always on the lookout for brand new connections to make. No matter how we connect, one key element remains; being respectful and aware of the impact that it will have, no matter how brief it may be!

These four statements are at the heart of what we do and serve as a great example of how values and brand image is important for marketing and everyday communications. When deciding whether to work with Bdaily, these key pointers can help you know straight away whether our business minds align.

Do these values sound like the right fit for your business? Bdaily offers a range of opportunities to connect with us! Download our 2022 Media Pack today and find out how you can appear alongside our content.

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