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Email Marketing 101 - Your guide to using email in your digital marketing strategy

Email Marketing 101 - Your guide to using email in your digital marketing strategy

Hello, and welcome to email marketing 101! 

As one of the biggest and most successful ways to use digital marketing in 2022, understanding how best to utilise email marketing can be a key component when it comes to pushing your business forward in the online world. But what is it? And how can it be used to best promote your in business? Well today, we are going to take an in depth look at email marketing and its uses! So grab a notepad and pen, as we get into what makes email marketing so successful

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a effective tool that allows your business' to land its branding, image and message directly into your audience's email inbox. Whether you are promoting a new product, offering an introductory deal or looking to introduce your company to an new client base, email marketing helps to optimize your digital marketing strategy by putting your business in a central position that other advertising cannot reach.

Despite the rise in the likes of social media when it comes to online communication, email is still on the rise in terms of users, with it becoming a key component of everyday life (email receipts are not going anywhere!). Unlike other forms of communication, it can be longer form, more personal and more detailed, allowing you to really sell your brand in front of a captive email audience 

Types of email marketing 

Email marketing is a broad headline for a number of different products, they cater to different audiences and areas of marketing. Here are a couple of key examples:

1. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are the most popular way to use email marketing right now. Not only is it a great place to promote your brands good news and latest offers, but it allows you to reach out to an audience who actually want to read and engage with your content - increasing click through rates, purchases and long term customer relations. 

Email newsletters can be used in two ways.

Firstly, you can create your own! By getting your audience to opt-in to seeing your content you can be sure they are actively interested in you business. As stated above, you can increase the likes of click through rates as a result, and be a great way to show off the personality of your brand and what you stand for. Newsletters are automated, and sent out regularly, so you can become a constant presence in you client's email inbox, improving brand recognition without having to go overboard with marketing. Bdaily's daily news bulletin for example, goes out 5 times a week, each time with new content, with the added option to choose exactly the region you want to see news from to double down on audience engagement and interest.

Placing your adverts in someone else's newsletter is also a great way to get involved in this part of email marketing. Adverts are always a great place to showcase personality, using specific graphics and images that show off who your company is. By being placed alongside another brand, you are also getting a stamp of approval from them in front of their audience, allowing you to connect with more potential clients. 

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2. Promotional Emails 

Unlike email newsletters, promotional emails - or eShots - are solely focused on promoting your business' products or services to an email audience. eShots are a fantastic way to generate a movement of traffic to your chosen landing pages, as they can be packed full of links, Calls to Action and information, all with the aim of driving traffic to you. This is also a great place to share exclusive offers with your audience, encouraging people to sign up, and to become a customer using a unique offer that has been given to them.

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3. Re-engagement Emails

We all know that, in reality, email inboxes can often be overflowing with emails, and often some are left unopened or missed by the busy person wading through what has been sent to them. That's why re-engagement emails are a great way to bring back custom to your business and reaffirm your place in a client's inbox. This type of email comes in a number of forms, such as emails to ask if they still want to receive content, or exclusive follow up offers for those who have lost touch with you. Bdaily, for example, likes to offer our clients the chance to send a follow up email for a fraction of the price, allowing them to reach out to any potential future clients who missed their first email when it was sent, doubling down on the benefits of email marketing.

Key tips to boost your campaign success

Make sure you have a clear, focused Call to Action

If a customer is keen to see more of your company, you need to easily grab their attention before they become disinterested and click away. A clear Call to Action will keep their attention whilst giving them the instructions on the next steps you would like them to take

Use short paragraphs and key words to keep the reader's attention

Much like the first tip, keeping the reader's attention is important, so by using short paragraphs with the keywords you want them to pick up, even a skim reader will be able to know what you email is all about. Often people read emails on the go, or in between tasks, so remaining easy to read will even help grab the attention of those rushing to open all their emails

Make sure your email looks good on both mobile and desktop 

In 2022, where people choose to read their emails is 50/50 split between mobile and desktop. In order to optimise your email success, it is important to consider both of these when creating your email. After all, just because an image looks good on your laptop, it might be way off when it comes to your mobile phone. Most email schedulers allow you to see what it will look like before it is sent, but make sure to send it to yourself to open on mobile and desktop so you can compare and adjust if needed

Include plenty of links back to your business

Email is a great place to give your audience lots of opportunities to reach your chosen landing page(s) - so don't miss out on the opportunity. Add in links frequently in key words, images, logos and in the text to boost the options your audience has. But don't over stuff your text too - it still needs to be visually pleasing to look at to make your audience want to read it in the first place

Track your data after you send out your email 

Your email marketing campaign doesn't just end when the email has been sent. As with all digital marketing campaigns there is always room for growth and improvement, so miss out on the opportunity to analyse the success of your campaign. Look out for how many people opened the email, clicked a link and went back to view it more than once, as this data will help inform where you go next with future campaigns. Here at Bdaily, we always offer feedback and data analysis to our email campaign clients, so we can continue improving and adapting with each campaign we do together

Now you know what email marketing is, and the types of emails successful marketers send, you are ready to go ahead and start your first campaign! Don't forget, Bdaily are here to help you make sure your first email marketing campaign is a success. From email advertising to email marketing campaigns - we cover a wide range of email marketing products. Download our FREE Media Pack today 


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