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Case Study: What makes a successful member article on Bdaily?

Case Study: What makes a successful member article on Bdaily?

Members publishing with Bdaily is a fantastic opportunity to get your or your client's news seen by our growing audience, in your own words. Our members enjoy regular publishing on our website, with great success across a multitude of sectors, topics and regions in the UK. 


By becoming a member, your benefits include

  • Publishing to the main Bdaily News website 
  • Being included in the regional sections of our website coverage, alongside trending content from our editorial team 
  • Paid upgrades to include no-follow links and to feature in our popular daily email news bulletin
  • Reach new audiences with your business like never before 


Want to find out how you could be the next big hit on our website? Explore these key case studies below to get an idea of how you could become a major part of our coverage on Bdaily. 


Case Study 1 - 10 reasons why change is important for personal development


Shot of the article 10 reasons why change is important to personal development (including an image with some feet going up some steps)

One of our most popular articles, ‘10 reasons why change is important for personal development' explores an evergreen topic in the world of business news. Racking up over 14,000 views since published, it has become a classic Bdaily article - continuing to be a mainstay on our website.


Why it works 

  • Listicles (list articles) are a great way to climb up the SEO ranking by providing readers with ‘snackable content’ allowing them to easily find the answers they are looking for. This is a popular technique used in publishing as it provides results for simple content.
  • Evergreen topics stand out well after their publishing date. When content is relevant long-term, it increases its longevity and brings in audiences for years to come. 
  • Since publication, this article has been used on various other websites and in other blog posts/articles, meaning it has extended its reach across the web. 



Case study 2 - Athlo launches the first member-centric retention and growth platform.


Image of article Athlo launches the first member-centric retention and growth app with a picture of someone at the gym


The latest addition to our list of big member success stories, this article covers the news about the brand new app Athlo, and the gym membership-sharing platform is set to create new business growth. Successfully appealing to our audience by attracting over 10,000 views since September 2022, this article shows us a great example of the kind of news topic that does well in front of the Bdaily audience. 


Why it works

  • Business growth is one of the most popular news topics on Bdaily News, especially as a news outlet which focuses on SME and small business news. Our audience is eager to learn more about new developments in the industry around them, and this article hits the perfect balance of all of this to intrigue them.
  • This article has a simple, clean layout, which makes it easy to read and understand. The content is not too promotional and provides just the information needed to understand the story without overdoing it. This follows a similar format to our editorial content.
  • Lots of external traffic from this site helped boost the number of page views, which highlights the importance of sharing your news far and wide. 


Case study 3 - 5 Benefits of a Well-Trained Workforce


Image of 5 benefits of a well trained work force article with a picture of a number of business people sitting around a table


Bringing another listicle into the mix, our next article combines a workplace-specific topic with the power of ‘snackable’ content. With over 22,000 views, this article appeals to the fast current news trends, offering up to 5 benefits of a well-trained workforce, doing what it says on the tin. 


Why it works 

  • As our audience is mostly business professionals, articles on the topic of the workforce will always be a big success, appealing to their interest in growing in the workplace.
  • This is a quick read, making it easily accessible to anyone who wants to read it. Another SEO win when it comes to simple content to digest.


Case study 4 - New M&S flagship leads the opening of £700M Victoria Place Woking.

Image outside marks and spencer in woking with the headline New M&S flagship leads the opening of £700M Victoria Place Woking.


Fitting in perfectly with our editorial tone, ‘New M&S flagship leads the opening of £700M Victoria Place Woking’ is an example of how important your headline is to bringing in views on your article. Following the topics and content that our regular readers enjoy, this article works well alongside our day-to-day news.


Why does it work 

  • Using a well-known brand is a great way to pull in an audience. Are you writing for a business or about a big name? It is always a good idea to include it in the headline to bring in any curious readers who want to know more about a name they know.
  • Mentions of figures are also a good way to attract attention. In the business world, funding equals big news, so adding in those numbers could be the key to curating an audience.
  • This is another example of an article that fits in well with our editorial content, using a region as part of the headline and providing the exact information our readers have come to expect.


Case study 5 - New manager for new Airport Spa


Image of two space employees with the headline new manager for new airport spa


Exciting news is always a great way to get the views growing. This article, ‘New manager for new Airport Spa’ provides just the right amount of information with a bit of intrigue, which will help bring in audiences who are eager to learn more.


Why it works

  • The headline image is strong, which is a key step in making your article stand out. Professional and relevant photography can be crucial in bringing in the right audience for your news and making sure it fits with the rest of our daily content.
  • The headline provides just the right amount of information to make a reader want to click on the article to find out more about the story 
  • The mixture of work and pleasure always brings in a good story, bringing business news with a bit of fun and hobby content is sure to bring in those who have a keen interest in their spare time. 

Ready to make the news? Our member area is waiting for its latest arrival. 

Discover more about members publishing and our Bdaily Premium subscription service HERE. 


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