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Business of Social Media Week 2022

Business of Social Media Week 2022

Several times a year, Bdaily News likes to put the spotlight on a particular business sector here in the UK. Through a series of regional and national news articles, opinion pieces from our local communities, and in-depth insights from our editorial team, we celebrate and discuss the past, future and present of that particular area of business.

If you are in the world of marketing right now, you will know how important social media is. On the surface, it appears to be a great place to connect with clients and other companies, reach out to new audiences and establish your brand image. But behind the scenes is a whole industry working to improve how we use, understand and expand our social reach. From businesses’ promoting ads online to companies launching apps, it has never been more important to get to know what social media means for a business.

This week here on Bdaily is the Business of Social Media Week, and our Bdaily News team are hoping to bring you a detailed analysis of the impact that social media is having on the business’ regionally and nationally. From local teams producing brand new ways to marketing to big companies changing how the future of social media looks, we want to bring you the low down on everything you need to know in this ever-changing industry.

As always, we are on the lookout for any business that has news to share with us, especially if you have exciting social media news worth shouting about.

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Focus Weeks are a digital-wide project for us here at Bdaily! As well as having a focused news output, we will also be celebrating creative business' across our social media platforms. Want to get involved, let us know what you think, or celebrate with us? Tag us with the hashtag #BdailySocial or @bdaily across our platforms.

We can't wait to hear from you, and see how you get involved with the Business of Social Media 2022. Don’t forget to join us across our social pages and let us know how you will be getting involved.

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