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5 ways any business can benefit from social media

5 ways any business can benefit from social media

Digital Marketing as a business can often feel like a complicated task.

Whilst the likes of full email marketing campaigns and web advertising can be a lengthy process, there are ways much closer to home that can provide results.

Social media has evolved today as a place that many businesses use to grow and develop their brand image interact with their community even advertise through the social media platforms themself. This provides a great way to market your business and a simple way to build your image online. Here are Bdaily’s top tips for making the most out of your social media presence.

1. Reproduce the idea of your business you want the world to see

One of the best things about social media is it gives you plenty of space to build your brand image in front of new and existing customers. From imaging, right down to how you talk to your audience, there is plenty of space to be creative with your content. Double down on your business's core beliefs and value propositions by taking part in niche areas of the online world. This could be getting involved in relevant social media holidays or finding hashtags and trending topics worth connecting with. By consciously connecting specific themes, you are reiterating your values to your current and future clients, which helps them speed up the buyer's journey, helping them make quicker decisions on how your business works inside and out. 

2. Use the platform's advertising options. 

Social media is not only good for socialising. With its captive audience and chance to target specific groups, advertising on the platform can be a really beneficial tool for businesses. Many social media sites offer any account the opportunity to pay to promote their posts.

3. Reach out to new clients through your work.

Unlike traditional marketing, social media offers you more of an opportunity to reach a client outside of your day to day target. Many sites allow users to see which posts are trending, what their friends are doing and even stumble on random posts. You could even consider connecting with other related brands to help reach out to their audience by doing a joint project or campaign.

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4. Connect with your community. 

Every business has a community they connect to, no matter how niche. A social media presence can help you affirm that connection by being a part of conversations. Get to know more about who your audience is following and interacting with, and join them! This could be a specific hashtag, a social media holiday, or even converting memes into relevant content for your audience. All of this benefits you by offering a chance to give your brand a personality and build authentic relationships with your followers.

5. Solve problems easily and efficiently. 

Instant communication is great for brands looking to offer support to their clients. Social media can be a great place to answer any questions or solve any problems they may be facing. Today, most customers turn to social media to find the answers they are looking for. As a brand, being friendly, responsive and helpful can help build your brand image long term. Without a social media presence, you may not be able to offer the support they are looking for. However, make sure you have a social media action plan in place so you know how to appropriately respond should any major issues arise.

6. Have Fun!

Marketing doesn’t have to be really serious! Social media’s goal is to socialise and entertain. So have fun, and get creative with how you interact with your audience. By having fun, you are building rapport between you both and showing your authenticity, which is super important for any marketing campaign in 2022.

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