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5 ways to improve your email advertising

5 ways to improve your email advertising

Email remains one of the most effective ways to market your business online. It is a great way to offer a simple opportunity to your target audience through easily accessible links, email exclusives, and direct conversations. 

So when working with email marketing, you want to make sure you get it right and pick the right option for your business. An email campaign often relies on strong brand recognition and a big budget. This can be hard to pull off for a lot of SMEs.

Email advertising, on the other hand, is a great way to sneak in some simple promotion alongside a brand that your audience already knows and trusts. This is a great way to build your reputation in front of a new audience. 

So let's look at how you can produce the best content possible to benefit from this opportunity, with our guide to making the best email advert ever!


Be sure to use the correct dimensions for your image. 

Before starting your design, you must have the correct dimensions for your image. Many newsletters have specific requirements that complement their overall design. An image that does not fit them may have chunks of content missing once sent and could become pixelated if the image is too small and blown out of proportion. This can lead to a negative impression on your audience and the company whose newsletter you are in.

Bdaily requires all of our email bulletin adverts to be 1100x2200px to fit our bulletins correctly (and give equal space to each advert). Anything outside of that becomes poor quality, which is not great for first introductions!

Make sure to find out what the design specifications are before you start, so you can be ready to present your design within the email. 


Think about the colours/images you want to be associated with.

Colour and images are everything when it comes to attracting the attention of your future clients. When putting together an advert, think about what impression you want to give them. Do you want to be fun and cheerful? Maybe new and exciting? After all, a law firm may not want to use images that are too bright and sunny, as this is not the audience they are trying to attract.

When someone is scrolling quickly through an email, it's important to stand out. But make sure this is for a positive reason and not because your advert has a crazy unreadable font.


Use a bold Call To Action.

Once you have the audience's attention, it needs to be clear where to go next. A Call To Action (or CTA) is a sentence used in marketing that gives your audience clear instructions. This includes active verbs (such as click, learn, discover, download) and bright and bold colours that stand out from the rest of the promotion. Your audience will want to click through to your chosen link, therefore increasing the success of your advert. 

This website here is a great place to start when coming up with your CTA, and once you have the hang of it, you will be able to become creative with how you use them. 


Keep details to a minimum. 

An advert that is overstuffed can be incredibly difficult on the eye. As a consumer, you may be less likely to interact with an advert when it becomes too hard to read and decipher, especially when quickly scrolling through a newsletter. 

Simple design, with clear CTA, can be a great way to draw in attention, present your brand in the exact way you want and improve your success, all within seconds. Once you have your consumer, you can tell them about your awards and products. But for introductions, keep them simple and sweet.


And that it! Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you produce your best email advertising yet, boosting your brand in front of an engaged audience.

Want to know more about email marketing? Why not check out Email Marketing 101 - our guide to the world of email marketing.

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